Thursday, May 13, 2021

Cerulean Blue and Other Hues and Shades of Meaning

Here's the sky, in progress, for my current project.  The request was for cerulean blue, but of course color is very subjective and words often fail us when it comes to developing a shared understanding.  A watercolorist may see cerulean blue as the color that comes out of a particular tube of paint, while a birder pictures a warbler.  I'm fascinated by how we each perceive the world, and the colors in it.  I regularly talk to my quilt students about color and value, and about how our perception of these change depending on the placement of the fabric.  For example, a medium value fabric will look dark next to a light fabric, but it will look light next to a dark fabric.  And, sometimes we don't see what's in front of us, but what we picture in our mind's eye or remember from our childhood box of crayons.  

My fingers are crossed that this is close to the desired effect - certainly the sky at dawn is not one hue or shade.  The bottom row is still TBD, as I'm looking for a pale fabric that might incorporate a touch of pink.  The colors in the detail are a bit more accurate than the full shot because the light doesn't reach the top of my design wall well, so the full shot is a bit dark at the top. 

Spotlight on Cerulean Blue | Winsor & Newton (  

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