Thursday, March 24, 2016

Multi-tasking Part Two...

Ok, I know there's recent research about how multi-tasking isn't effective, but I kinda feel like it doesn't take into account those of us who have families or multiple responsibilities.  I've always loved multi-tasking.  My brain would get bored if I couldn't move between projects as inspiration struck, and I get lots more done when I have multiple projects going at the same time.  Some things I can do over my lunch hour, like cutting out fabric.  Others need to happen at home, like selecting fabric from my stash and fusing pieces down.  When I have multiple projects going, that means I always have something to work on when I have a spare five minutes.  I sew sleeves during my son's Aikido class, I cut fabric while helping him with homework, and I trim threads while waiting for appointments.  So, here's a taste of all the things I have going at the moment.

from Winslow Homer's painting, The New Novel.  Fused, with printed and hand-colored face.  Not a stitch in it yet, but there will be soon!

My attempt at ripples.  Not sure if it's quite done.  Maybe.  This one will be ready for Paradise City.

A sample sky for the landscape workshop I'll be teaching in April.