Friday, February 28, 2014

Moon Goddess

Almost forgot!  Here's the Moon Goddess I finished this month.  She's the second in a series.
16"x22" Moon Goddess

Tired of Winter?

Tired of winter? This sunflower blooms all year long! This small art quilt differs slightly from my usual style and technique because I wanted to try more thread-painting and beading. The landscape background consists of hand-dyed and commercial fabrics, while the sun is the foil wrapper from a chocolate coin. The flower is cut from a commercial fabric and I have thread painted (stitched heavily) on top to add additional color and texture, while the 800+ beads are stitched by hand. (Yes, that took a while.)  The edges of the scene are intentionally left raw because I liked their artistic texture against the background border.

12"x14" Sunflower - available on etsy

Monday, February 17, 2014


I'm not quite caught up on my new goal of finishing one piece/week, but here's the latest.  From Edgar Allen Poe to Native American culture, crows symbolize many things to many people; knowledge, mystery, evil, curiosity and cleverness. This bird is based on a picture my son drew when he was four (and used with his permission.) This art piece is part of my series of recycled fiber collages: the Recycled Sky. It is made from a minimum of 65%-75% recycled fiber - all my leftover bits and pieces from larger projects, donated scraps from other quilters, snippets of thread, an old T-shirt. The crow is made from leftovers from one of my son's Halloween costumes, while the eye is a glass bead.

Crow 14" x 19.5"