Saturday, April 9, 2016

Workshop Update...

A dozen wonderful ladies met today for six hours to learn about landscapes, layout, and design.  Here's what they worked on!  All the small white and yellow dots are pin heads - these pieces are pin-basted and ready to stitch.  The hours just flew by.  We shared fabric and turned out some amazing pieces!  All are in progress.  Many will be at our guild meeting tomorrow, at the Immanuel Lutheran Church.  Meeting details are here:

I'm so proud of everyone - they we very brave and jumped right in!

everyone brought LOTS of fabric to share!
look, faeries!

desert with yellow flowers coming into bloom!

don't you wish you were on this beach today?

sky, mountains, fields..simple lines can be dramatic.

wonderful purple desert shadows

I love dark, mysterious skies!

sky, mountains, lake/river with boat - the white spot in the foreground just isn't filled in yet.  Love the gold sun and purple clouds!

and just look at what you can do with batiks!

wonderful rocks!

dryer sheet clouds!
can you spot the frogs?

look, architecture!
adding tulle on top
stitching away!

my studio, after prepping for the workshop, getting ready for Paradise, and working on commissions!

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Very clever ideas. Thanks for sharing